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Behind the Uniform


The results

+5 new relationships with global police forces

+1k visitors to microsite monthly

3 minutes spent, on average, on each story

25% growth in Twitter followers

The brief

Axon is a leading provider of public safety technology. It works with agencies across the world to help them enhance relationships with their communities and better protect the public and police officers. We were tasked with helping to promote the work of individual officers, speaking to them about what drives them to do their work, while looking beyond this to the person behind the uniform to touch on their mental health and family life. 

Ultimately, we set out to help the wider public understand the pressures police officers face and the commitment required to do this challenging job well.

The insight

Our insight showed that people see the uniform, not the person. We also found a lack of understanding about the relentless pace of police work and the increasing frequency of the often violent and distressing incidents that officers must deal with. 

Our research showed that, by telling the in-depth stories of individual officers – including their often raw recollections of events and how their private lives are impacted – we’d help build empathy and respect among the public.

The campaign

Using interviews, with audio clips and photography – at home and in uniform – ‘Behind the Uniform’ tells the human stories of public service personnel across the world. We create stories for Instagram, while our microsite is promoted through Axon’s social feeds as well as the social accounts of participating officers and their police forces.


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