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Defining the retail personas of tomorrow

Diebold Nixdorf

The results

80 marketing qualified leads

20 face-to-face meetings

10% improvement in brand awareness

5% increase in NPS among sales teams

Marked improvement in sales and marketing collaboration

The brief

Build engagement with around 500 target customers across Europe, introducing Diebold Nixdorf’s range of in-store technology for retailers including checkout, mobile devices and sales management software.

The insight

We spoke to prospects and pre-sales people. This revealed that self-checkout was a key area for retailers, although they remained concerned about theft and resistance from employees and customers. We also agreed a range of campaign metrics, including face-to-face meetings and event attendance by prospects, as well as ‘volume goals’ such as email engagement and downloads.

The campaign

Defining a range of personas across marketing, IT and operations, we created a series of campaign assets to emphasise the speed, ease and convenience of Diebold’s shopping solutions. We explained how the tech reduces theft while improving the day-to-day working lives of store associates and helping shoppers breeze through stores. We used a combination of marketing automation, landing pages and communications channels.


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