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Powering the pipeline with child protection training

The brief

Working for the kids: what’s not to love about partnering with the NSPCC? With this project we were asked to unlock a new level of sales in a key market – online child protection training for professionals including teachers, carers and social workers.

The insight

The NSPCC’s training is the best. However, its team are a humble bunch and, in the past, it had been reluctant to emphasise the superiority of its products. Also, the charity had, in our opinion, not made enough of the fact that all profits go back into its work. We recommended explaining to prospects that, not only would they be buying the UK’s child protection training, but their purchase would support children across the UK. We also took note of audience analysis. This highlighted people’s natural anxiety about being responsible for caring for children, so we emphasised the NSPCC’s role as a trusted advisor that exists to support all people who have a role in protecting children.

The campaign

We built our campaign around the theme of: ‘Here for you.’ We explained that the NSPCC stands behind professionals, supporting them with accessible, simple training that builds confidence to protect every child in education while supporting the charity’s wider work.


sales growth in the first quarter of the campaign


above target pay per click performance for course sign-ups


social media impressions (with a limited budget)


above target video views, over 200,000


above industry average for email conversions


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