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Powering pipelines

Zebra Technologies

The results

300:1 ROI for a direct mail campaign

Over 300 marketing qualified leads from one campaign for a leading retail tech vendor

1 million impressions on a campaign microsite

12% conversion rate for an email campaign

The brief

Zebra Technologies is at the centre of the now economy. Its technology enables companies to track and trace pretty much any item, anywhere, across often complex supply chains. So, whether you’re waiting for a delivery, picking up your shopping in-store or tracking your luggage across the airport, the chances are Zebra technology is making it happen. 

Zebra has over 10,000 global partners that help deliver its solutions. We’re often asked to help these partners promote their services to prospects. Our targets are generally sales led, with a mix of face-to-face meetings and marketing qualified leads (MQLs) typical campaign goals.

The insight

For each partner we use prospect insight and analysis, allied to our experience of working in B2B tech markets, to isolate what matters to their target customers. We then devise individual campaigns, which often include a mix of channels – ads, social, direct mail, cold calling and more – to create conversations and, ultimately, win leads and close deals.

The campaigns

We always emphasise the importance of eye-catching creativity. For example, we’ve designed, built and sent smart mini robots to prospects, we’re running a robotics challenge for universities and we’ve created eye-catching, interactive and immersive 3D worlds to explain how technology works.


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