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We're covered aren't we?


The results

75% above target event registrations

3-minute dwell time on landing page (industry average 1 minute 22 seconds)

150% above target for landing page visits 

Over 40 requests for one-to-one demos

The brief

Pax8 sells its suite of security and management software for the cloud through resellers called Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Our brief was to ensure that Pax8 is front of mind for these MSPs and to secure attendance of at least 50 of them to Pax8 events held at locations across the UK. B2B content around the cloud can be a little staid. So Pax8 threw down the gauntlet and said: “Make it interesting.”

The insight

MSPs have a lot on their plates. Many manage the security of large numbers of clients. And some have, in fact, been the victim of security breaches, which in turn, exposed their clients. While using this as a campaign theme could be risky, we felt handling 'oversights' in an empathetic way could work well. After all, it’s human to make mistake. Under the theme of 'We’re covered, aren’t we?', where an MSP realises they have a security vulnerability, we showed how Pax8’s always-on self-service website can be used to plug gaps instantly.

The campaign

The lead piece of comms was an amusing video, featuring characters that every office has – from the sales guy (Ed) who knows less than he thinks he does, to the colleague who feels they’re the smartest person in the room (Amy) to the intern (Michael) who really is the smartest person. The video ran across a wide range of media and social channels, and was promoted via email and on a landing page.


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