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Define your employer brand and value proposition

Talent’s in short supply

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of Fortune 500 execs say they need better talent

of companies struggle to recruit STEM talent

annual cost to the UK of a lack of STEM talent

UK jobs open

Attract and keep your people

Our four-stage Attract methodology helps you define your employer brand – your mission, purpose and values – and your employer value proposition – what your business will do for employees, from what they earn to how they can learn.

We also create a bespoke measurement model. It tracks progress around areas including number of candidates, cost per hire, quality of candidates – and many more. Typically, we see these kind of improvements:

  • 25% reduction in time to hire and cost per hire within the first year
  • 20% increase in win:lose ratio
  • 100%+ increase in traffic to careers content
  • 10%–20% increase in employee NPS


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