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New work: We're covered aren't we?

As pre-eminent purveyors of security and management software for the cloud, Pax8 came to us to ensure they are front of mind amongst their resellers.

MSPs (Managed Service Providers) have a lot on their plates, managing the security of large numbers of clients. Security threats are constantly evolving at speed, leaving some MSPs (and their clients) exposed. We leant into this potentially prickly theme for the campaign, approaching ‘oversights’ in an empathetic way by telling an inherently human story - after all, it’s human to make mistakes.

“We’re covered aren’t we?” puts a humorous spin on an all-to-familiar office dynamic where the team find their security is compromised and how, with the help of Pax8’s always-on self-service website, they can plug the gaps instantly.

This short film is running across a wide range of media and social channels, supported by a sub-campaign across email and social.

#b2bmarketing #creativecampaign #msps #cloudsecurity #storytelling

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Simmons x Schmid


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