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Outperform with a smart, energised sales team

The value of investing in sales

of top performing sales organisations spend much more on training, compared to 25% for underperformers

increase in productivity among top quartile sales performers

raise in productivity within 18 months when targeting specific skills and using concrete goals

Ensuring future sales growth

McKinsey says as much as 50% of a company’s future sales growth is reliant on net new sales. And in our fluid, competitive world, where prospects are time poor, we see the need for exceptional sales people: people who are agile, deep subject matter experts and have the EQ to instinctively personalise their approach to customers. We help you build a high performance sales culture and team, with inspiring training and modules that cover: 

  • Marketing and sales alignment
  • Auditing your top-performers' expertise and infusing this into new processes
  • Providing master sales content 
  • Using technology, new or existing, to ensure all customer interactions are captured, stored and analysed to influence ongoing success

Selected projects


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